"Autumn Awakening" Collection
"Autumn Awakening" Collection
"Autumn Awakening" Collection
"Autumn Awakening" Collection
"Autumn Awakening" Collection

"Autumn Awakening" Collection

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Prepare to embrace the enchanting essence of autumn with our "Autumn Awakening" Collection. Inspired by the nostalgic charm of back-to-school days and the vibrant transition from summer to autumn, this collection invites you to enjoy the changing times with these five captivating colors!

Begin your journey with "Rusty Green," a gentle and sophisticated hue that captures the subtlety of changing leaves. "Home" beckons with its deep green canvas adorned with sparkling accents, reminiscent of cozy nights and warm cups of tea. Make a bold statement with "Share A Mind," a captivating petroleum shade that exudes confidence and empowers your inner visionary. "Never Ever" follows, a peachy orange that radiates the comforting warmth of autumn sunsets, enveloping you in a delightful embrace. "One Moment," a colorized grey that captures the essence of fleeting moments and memories. These shades, while not overtly bold, leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds.

Our "Autumn Awakening" Collection is crafted with the same dedication to quality and creativity that you've come to expect from us. Each gel polish is Vegan, Cruelty-free, and designed to celebrate your individuality.

Embrace the autumn colors and let your nails tell a story of timeless beauty.

Application & Formula
Nail Reserve gel polish is the healthiest, long-lasting formula in the market. 
Paint your nails with up to 3 weeks of Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and 9-Free gel polish.
All our products deliver striking colors and weightless full coverage with just 1 coat, transforming nail care into an empowering experience. 
Indulge in a range of universally flattering shades that look good on everyone, staying flawless on your nails no matter what the day holds. 
These gel polish colors are beautiful worn alone or combined, transforming everyday moments into iconic moods.

provides a color depth
that no gel could match

moisturizing texture
that eels softer and smoother

designed to glide over nails
allowing precise application in only 1 layer


Cures after 30-45 seconds under LED light & after 1-2 minutes under UV light.
Bottle size: 15 ml — 0.5 fl oz
Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Ethyl Methacrylate, Isopropyl Titanium Triisostearate, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, Ethyl Acetate, Dimethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, Mica, CI 77981, CI 77266, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77019