About Us

We started this project by being creative and believers in the power of beauty

We always want the best for your nails and building our brand around Vegan9-Free & Cruelty-Free products was not an option, just the healthy way to go. 

Therefore, we infused our gel polishes with the healthiest clinically proven formula

Designed and formulated as your go to source of incredible manicure at home, our gels can be worn in a way that works for you at all times, whatever the weather and whatever the occasion. 
We know you want miracle nails you can trust and we obsessively dedicate each day and every gel polish to make this happen. 

At NAIL Reserve, we celebrate and empower women not just by offering better products, but also by creating more gel colors every month! 
Our team is made up of talented practitioners, whose creative spirits drive big ideas, while striving to make your shopping experience as dreamy as possible. 

Your nails will never be the same again!

All our products are created with love and passion at our HQ in Los Angeles, CA.
Just like you: We are gel users, we are gel lovers! We are NAIL Reserve!