Sorbet - Polygel
Sorbet - Polygel
Sorbet - Polygel
Sorbet - Polygel
Sorbet - Polygel
Sorbet - Polygel

Sorbet - Polygel

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Polygel surpasses acrylic in flexibility, outperforms hard gel in strength, and weighs lighter than both, making it a genuine fusion of the two nail enhancement methods.

Utilized for building, adding volume, and shaping the nail base, Polygel serves as an exceptional foundation for your gel manicure. It can be coated with soak-off gel polish or worn au naturel, offering versatility in nail styling.

Shade: Blushing Peach with warm undertones.

Application & Formula
  • First you need to prep your nails
  • Apply base coat and cure
  • Apply the bead of polygel in the middle of your nail
  • With a brush that has been dipped into alcohol work the polygel into the nail and create form you want.
  • When the result is the one you wanted to achieve, cure the polygel
  • File the shape of your nail and buff it, clean the dust
  • [Optional step: apply color gel and cure]
  • Apply top coat and cure

Expert TIP: To shape the polygel you will need Isopropyl alcohol.

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