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The Remover

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The Remover 

A professional formula specially designed to perfectly remove all types of gel polish at home or on the go. The gentle, yet effective system creates a shiny nail surface, saving you the need to go to a professional salon and get it done. File down the top of your nails, soak them in, and then gently push the gel off. 

For better results, use the NAIL Reserve products. 

  • Quickly removes gel without leaving residues
  • Non-irritating
  • Strong and reliable
  • Dissolves quickly with no nail damage
  • Genuine formula
Buff your nails gently to remove the topcoat layer.
Cover generous and thick layers of The Remover and let them dry. 
Wait for 10-12 minutes.
Push back the gel with a cuticle stick/pusher until it easily scrapes off. 
Works fast and effectively. 
Never do it by force to avoid damaging your nails. 
Disclaimer: When using other gel polishes than NAIL Addict with The Remover, due to a different formula thickness, the burst degree or time required can be different. But still comfortably effective. 

Always Vegan & Cruelty-Free 

21-Free: NAIL Reserve is FREE of the 21 highest chemicals usually present in Gel Polish

Please see FAQ for application instructions. 

Application & Formula
Nail Reserve gel polish is the healthiest, long-lasting formula in the market. 
Paint your nails with up to 3 weeks of Vegan, Cruelty-Free and 21-Free gel polish.
All our products deliver striking colors and weightless full coverage with just 1 coat, transforming nail care into an empowering experience. 
Indulge in a range of universally flattering shades that look good on everyone, staying flawless on your nails no matter what the day holds. 
These gel polish colors are beautiful worn alone or combined, transforming everyday moments into iconic moods.

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