Your Nails Never Looked More Magical - The Endless Summer Collection

Your Nails Never Looked More Magical - The Endless Summer Collection

August is that one particular month of the year in which anything can happen. It stands for fun times, friendship, adventures, parties, or bonfire guitar singing. Anything can happen in the last month of summer. The times of August are for making memories that last and are unforgettable.

The Endless Summer Collection it's here to make you remember summer days and nights. It features ten brand new summer colors specially chosen to bring you the best and magical manicures while always carrying those summer vibes with you. 



We are talking bold reds, vibrant blues, soft nudes and pinks, sparkly silver and green, and deep purples. Our vegan, all-natural formula comes with a solid pigment that ensures a long-lasting effect on the color and your manicure. 

Choose to feel like a princess with Marble Pink or Iced Coffee; go bold with Freedom, Teaser, or Take a Sip. Enjoy wilderness with Forest Mural or Sea Foam. Be a star with shades like Night Shine or Provence, and feel like a rebel with Speeding Ticket



These colors are here for you, dear women, to remember you all how strong and beautiful you all are. They are here to become your best accessory this summer. Use them wisely, for they can bring unexpected encounters or make you bolder in the face of daily challenges. Their purpose is to introduce a bit of magic to ordinary life and perhaps, even help you stir up your destiny with romance. Who can know? <wink, wink> 

You can shop your Endless Summer Collection from here. Don't forget to send us some pictures of the fantastic manicures you will make with these colors! 

Let's keep this in mind: your tan may go away, but these gels stay on forever! 

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