Why a Gel Mani is a Good Choice for Beach Days

Why a Gel Mani is a Good Choice for Beach Days

Summer is here, and so is the sun up in the sky, getting us all tanned up and excited for beach adventures, seaside memories, and dancing into the waves. We all want to look perfect during these hot summer days: we prepare our outfits, find the most suitable hairstyle and choose to wear our makeup to a minimum - but what about our nails? 

What do we do about them? 

Our nails are an integral part of our appearance, as our hair or skin is. We need to protect them at all costs, as they can become an asset or, if we are not careful, a huge downfall for our look. 


manicure by @paxaonails

manicure by @paxaonails


When talking about protecting our nails on the beach, we are thinking about the damage the outside factors can cause to our manicure. Salty water, chlorine water, UV rays, different chemicals present in sunscreen are all different factors that can affect our manicure while spending the day on the beach or by the pool. Especially when we use nail polish or acrylics to get our manicure. 

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against traditional polish. It's just that, when it comes to days spent at the beach, even with proper preparation, it lasts much less than a gel manicure. Salty water can cause cracks or white spots that will surely ruin your manicure. The chlorine from the pool water can affect the color of your polish and can even go underneath it and affect the nails directly. Moreover, the sunscreen we use to protect ourselves from UV light can wreak havoc on your nail's appearance and destroy your manicure. 


manicure by @moon.gloss.nails


Simply, when talking about beach nails, it's much wiser to paint them with soak-off gel polishes because they offer higher protection to the nails and they don't chip or peel off. 

Water, for example, doesn't affect a gel manicure as much as it does with a traditional one. The only point of entering the nail is the cuticles, but this can be solved with proper preparation (using oil for cuticles, for example). Of course, salt and chlorine can still affect a gel manicure, but they would need a longer exposure to the nails to affect it. 

The secret for a manicure that lasts lies in choosing a high-quality gel polish and a suitable topcoat as well. Fortunately for you, we got you covered in this area. The formula we use for our products is natural, vegan, and 9-free. Our products have established their role as qualitative gel polishes, ensuring a long-lasting effect and a top finish. 


manicure by @nailsbytaya


You can choose from our wide variety of 150+ gel polishes to ensure you have the prettiest manicure on that beach. Our colors range from tamed, classic ones, to bold and wild ones, like the neon colors, for example.

Choose Electric Pink, Flamingo, or Orange Addict for making everyone on that beach turn their heads after you. Go wild at a pool party wearing our Juicy Mango or Friday Night, and get ready for a tanning session with your nails carefully painted in Blue Addict, Ocean's Heart, or Second Chance. Choose an out-of-the-ordinary French manicure using our Sea, Swing, and Sun as a base, topped with our White Addict, or if you're feeling daring, a Moonlit Glow, Sun is Back, or Tanning Session

Discover our selection of summer colors here, find out your perfect shades and get ready for the beach adventure of your life, sure that your mani will stay in place!

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