Things you shouldn’t do at a nail appointment

Things you shouldn’t do at a nail appointment

   Ah, the mutual feeling of love and gratitude towards nail technicians! Yes! This is something that we can all agree on, finally, no? Keep in mind, though, that even as we worship nail technicians, we might be doing some big no-nos and making their work even harder or just simply stressing them out.
  We put together a list of things that you absolutely SHOULD NOT  do when attending a nail appointment. And it goes like this:

Before the appointment, you shouldn’t:

  • Use lotion - we all strive to have soft skin, hydrated hands and so on, but nail technicians are begging you to skip the lotion/moisturizer part of your routine, as the oils in their formulas will interfere with the product application.
  • Cut your cuticles - just don’t. The cuticle has its purpose and cutting it leaves your nails exposed and more prone to infections. Let your nail tech do their work. Don’t interfere.
  • Shape your nails - again, let your nail specialist do what they do best.
  • Remove the old polish - so many things can go wrong if you try to do things on your own so just leave all the work to be done at the salon.

During your appointment, you shouldn’t:

  • “Try to help” by moving your fingers or tensing your hand - it DOES NOT help! A relaxed hand is always best, as your nail tech will know how to position your fingers and hands.
  • Talk on your phone or keep on checking it. It’s rude! And more so, it distracts or interrupts the work being done - on you!
  • Touch your nails once they are primed - this may cause a number of problems with your final manicured nails and you might be inclined to blame your nail tech, but it would be all your fault.
  • Be way too early or late! It’s rude and it puts pressure on your nail tech!
  • Be indecisive. Don’t forget your nail technician’s time is precious and limited, you should know what you want from your nail appointment and communicate it in a clear manner.
  • Not speak up if you don’t like how your nails are turning out. You should openly communicate with your nail tech and ask questions or let them know if something is bothering you.
  • Leave before your nails are dry! How disruptive and embarrassing is smudging your nails and having to ask for a redo! Up to 5 more minutes under the dryer won’t ruin your day, but a smudged manicure just might!

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