These are our favorite nail ideas for this summer!

These are our favorite nail ideas for this summer!

Sunny days are here, and we look forward to new and crazy adventures with you by the beach or in the city! As we all know, your nails should always be essential to your outfit.

From simple nail designs to out-of-this-world nail art, your manicure should be one of the top things to take care of this summer.

Check out our favorite nail trends for this summer! 


The New French Style 

Glittery, colorful, or classic with a twist - you name it! We love this trend because it's tres chic, cute and timeless. You can choose to go bold with glitter or bright color (or colors) for the tip or adjust the shape and keep the classic shades in check. Either way, your manicure will look elegant and professional, and your nails will feel pampered with all the attention they can get. 


French Manicure by @nailsbycelestie

French manicure by @labeautygirly07nails using Love Potion soak-off gel polish


Mismatched Hands 

You know that moment when you are trying to decide between two different colors, and you cannot seem to make up your mind? You can now choose both and go bold with crazy color combinations! Or select one color for each nail. Either way, it's funny, cute, and perfect for beach days. <wink, wink> 

Mismatched Hands by @emmadoesnails
Mismatched hands by @emmadoesnails using Electric Orange and Tanning Session soak-off gel polishes 


Hot Pink Nails 

Pink is a color that will never go out in style. And with the sunny days already here, you can experiment and dare to go out with a bright pink gel manicure to flatter your outfit. You can pair it with your swimsuit and the summer dress you cannot wait to wear. Pink nails are a statement wherever you go this summer. Discover our pink shades and let your creativity roam free on your manicure!

Hot Pink Nails by @nailsbycelestie

Hot Pink nails done by @nailsbycelestie using Electric Pink soak-off gel polish


Green Nails Everywhere 

Who doesn't love green? From neon shades to opaque and royal greens, this is the color of nature and freshness. No matter the hues and the pigment, green is one of the star colors for this summer. Your green gel manicure will look best if paired with a lovely dress for a night out or a cute little bikini at the beach. See our wide variety of green soak-off gel polishes and get the shades for you!

Green Nails by @vanna_roses

Green nails by @vanna_roses using Forest Spirit soak-off gel polish


The Marble Summer Nails 

We can safely say that marble nails will never go out of style, no matter what we do. And we get why - they are cute, funny, and almost fantasy. One can experiment with different colors and pigments and let their imagination roam free for their nail designs. A gel manicure should always express class and style, and it's a canvas for creative souls. A cute outfit will always pair with beautiful nails.

 Marble Nails by @thenailmystic

Marble Nails by @thenailmystic using The Ace of Wands Collection


Which one is your favorite? We can safely say we cannot pick a winner, so we are counting on you! Choose your shades and go crazy with your nails this summer - and don't forget to post it on your social media using our hashtag #nailreservela, so we can see what beautiful gel manicures you're gonna create!

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