The Fireworks Collection - The New Stars of This Summer

The Fireworks Collection - The New Stars of This Summer

When you think of a firework, you think of the way it lights up the night. You think of shared memories with your loved ones, or maybe even your first kiss. It is still a wonder what the light can do to those who are keen on discovering it.

The Fireworks Collection aims to give you that same feeling for your nails. We, at Nail Addict, wanted to capture that feeling of freedom and light and bring it to these polishes so that every time you glance at your hands, you'll feel strong and confident and ready to take upon every challenge.

With bold and glittery shades, sparkly and creamy formula, and a glossy and flawless finish, these Fireworks will surely be the center point of any outfit you will wear this summer.

This collection brings forward colors like dark red, sweet orange, fresh green and purple, gold, silver, white, and the famous pink. All very summerish and strongly pigmented, they aim to start a revolution this summer. With their deep coverage and long resistance on the nails, these gels will make you tackle every challenge on sunny days.

Being confident in your nails has never been easier.

Choose to wear your nails as Cleopatra did. Let's Have Some Fun this summer or, if you prefer, choose Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Sparkles your way and Moonlit Glow your evening while letting the Firefly guide you through the darkness. Opt for an Acid Green or Nectar for the cozy and fresh mornings, and reserve the evening spot for shades like Tifanny Red or Flamingo.

We can promise you will not be disappointed. Given that our formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and 9-free, we can assure you it will last on your nails for up to three weeks, all while staying healthy and without harming your nails!

These ten Fireworks are for you, strong women, to help you tackle these sunny days of this summer.

Why are you waiting? They are right here.

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