Strongest 2023 Winter Trends

Strongest 2023 Winter Trends

What’s a trend? Is there even a definition to it? Of course there is, and according to vocabulary websites and dictionaries, and it goes like this: “a general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving” or for us, the non-academics, it’s what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. Though you should never forget that you are the ones that are setting trends, it’s always up to you. Great, with that established, what are we talking about? Colors? Textures? Length?
   Color is always up to you, as you know best what you want, and what makes you feel as gorgeous as you are! Same would go for length and tip shapes, though we all know that lately it’s been a win for the almond or squared tips. Girl, you know best on that matter, but if you’re looking for a bit of inspo to play around with, here goes:

Frenchies with a twist

The french style has evolved up to the point where we have seen ombre frenchies, matte/shiny frenchies and so on, it may be a cult!


Heavy textures and ornaments

We’re talking insane knitted sweater textures, metallic ornaments and, you called it, diamonds! Some of you are walking around with art on your nails! Nail artists are becoming insanely thorough, concise and detailed with their work and we love it!

Chrome, of course

You saw this one coming, we can’t deny it, we love it, too!

Comic style

This one is fresh as of this year and it’s been blooming for the past 2 months, and we are not surprised, it’s a great one!

Sparkle is back, too

Well, aren’t we glad this one is on! Women are taking up space, being the true goddesses that they are and, well, let them blind everyone with their fabulousness!

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