Nails VS Winter

Nails VS Winter

Does the cold affect us? Of course! What about our hands and nails? Do they suffer and how can we take care of them?

Does cold weather affect your nails?

During cold weather, the nail plate becomes dehydrated, resulting in peeling and splitting nails, which fray at the edges. As a consequence, the nails may break and become more fragile, and can easily catch on clothing.


What can you do?

  • Moisturize!
    Lack of moisture is a lead cause for dry and brittle nails. So try to keep your hands, and especially nails moisturized to safeguard your nails from peeling, breaking, and splitting. You can speak to your specialist about the right kind of moisturizer, something that suits your skin and nails.

A solution would be to apply either almond or coconut oil to your cuticles and massage gently to nourish them.

  • Nail masks exist, you know!
    Nail masks are here and they ought to make it to your ‘must have’ list! Your nail bed can benefit deeply from masks. Any type of nail mask can nourish your nails. Egg masks and honey are a great solution or even lemon juice with baking soda, but always be careful and mind the products you use!

  • Cuticle oil!
    It’s common to push back, cut or try to absolutely get rid of cuticles, but mind that cuticles aren’t the enemy! They never were! In fact, the cuticle is the nail’s natural seal of protection. You can protect and strengthen your nails by moisturizing and applying cream or oil. Why? Breakage of the nails can be prevented by using cuticle oils for hydration. We beg you to use a good oil for your nails!

  •  Gloves!
    In and out of the house!

    Nails are jewels, they’re precious, and we should take care of them and nourish them with every chance we get! 

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