2023 - Opulence

2023 - Opulence

Let it begin in glory and sparkle! In 2023 we take up space, we speak loud, we do as we want and we are unapologetic about it! In this next year we rise high and we shine bright! We shall allow ourselves to be exactly who we are!

Shape & size
As for shapes, we expect shorter lengths and a rise of the square and squoval shapes, but longer almond shaped nails are also putting up a good fight to stay.


  • 3D Nail Art
    We are seeing this trend flourishing right now, too, as all sorts of Christmas decorations and textures.

  • Absolute Minimalism is an everlasting trend, since serious job environments are as alive and well as always and some of us have to be fabulous within some limits and requirements.

  • Diamonds!
    Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! Let it shine and sparkle, as we are fierce and strong women! 

  • Sensorial nail art
    Now, this is a relatively new concept, and we are just so in love with it! Water droplets, pearls, all kinds of interesting approaches to nail art as it grows and evolves! It’s just fabulous!

  • Make metal fabulous again!
    Molten metal decorations on minimalist, nude nails are just fa-bu-lous! We adore it! It certainly makes a statement and establishes your insanely gorgeous sense of fashion! 

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