Nail Technician about The Nail Industry

Nail Technician about The Nail Industry


  My name is Yareliz Viera,
I began my journey of entering the Nail Industry at the age of 12, showing interest, passion and determination to create the most beautiful, clean and creative sets. The Nail Industry holds so much possibility and so much talent that inspires you daily. I fell in love with how every day there was a new trend, new products and new techniques.

   The Nail Industry truly is one that you can evolve and grow in no matter how many years you’ve been in it. You can never stop learning something new, there’s always room for growth, and there’s always new challenges.

Hardship & struggles

  There are hardships that come with being a Nail Technician, just like every other profession. Most times I find myself feeling discouraged, comparing myself to others and losing passion in the craft. I think this is something every Nail Tech faces from time to time, but not many speak on it. These are the times that I feel the lowest and I see it transfer into my work. One thing I prioritize the most is Mental Health. When these times come, I get through it by taking a break, taking a step back from social media and all things related to work just so that I don’t burn myself out or go into a downward spiral that makes me want a career change. It’s also important for me to take a break because I never want to produce work that I don’t truly love. I never want this career to feel like something that I HAVE to do, I always want to enjoy what I do and continue doing nails because I WANT to. This is why it’s important to take breaks when you feel like you’re burning out or losing passion; servicing clients or creating content can take a toll on us if we don’t take care of ourselves and our mental health.
  Social media alone can take a huge toll on us because of how demanding it can be. But remember, it will always be there at the end of the day, so it’s best to never let them control us and make us feel obligated to post every day, especially during these tough times. We are human, we deserve to take a break when we need it without worrying that we’ll lose engagement on these apps, those who support you will ALWAYS support you. Social media does NOT define you or your work. Though these times feel like it will never end, always remember that it is temporary and you will prosper!

Tips & advice

  Look back on your old work to see how much you have grown, to remember the reason why you came into the Nail Industry, to reignite the passion you felt and to re-inspire you. Everything in life comes with pros and cons, but we chose this Career for a reason — it’s always good to remind ourselves of what that reason was. We are a community of talented and passionate artists, who often relate in the hardships of being a Nail Technician or Content Creator. You are NEVER alone, even the biggest Nail Techs experience lows, but we will always bounce back strong. I wouldn’t want it any other way, doing nails will ALWAYS be a passion, I will never give this career up. If you are currently facing a low time, I believe in you and you will get through it, take that mental break. My Instagram DMs are always open for any Nail Technician needing guidance and advice!
username: @yaris.nails

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  • Chichi

    Yari is such a talented, creative and kind nail tech! I do not know her personally but I’ve been following her since the beginning of my journey back in March 2021. As many challenges nail techs face, I felt connected to her genuine posts and how she always takes a second of her time to educate! She has an informative platform for nailtechs of all level.

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