Join the #FallOnYourNails Tik Tok Challenge

Join the #FallOnYourNails Tik Tok Challenge

Do we have any Tik Tok lovers around here? 

The platform is known for allowing anyone the opportunity to showcase their creativity, spark, and courage through different trends and sounds. 

If we talk about boldness and spark, it wasn't long before we decided to jump into the Tik Tok ship - you can find us also on the platform with just a click. When it comes to manicures and different nail styles, it is not that hard to be creative. You only need to have courage, spark, and the right ingredients for your nails. 

We at Nail Addict have been providing the right ingredients for a gel manicure for over a year. Our vegan gel polishes are known to be full of pigment, long-lasting, and healthy. 

Little #addicts, we have a challenge for you!

We are looking for beautiful fall manicures showcased in creative, bold, and courageous ways on Tik Tok! Join the challenge, and you can be one of the three lucky winners of five vegan gel polishes of your choosing! 

Are there any rules? Well, yes, but they are fun. 

1. The manicure you decide to enter the contest with should show us anything about fall on your nails. One video must showcase a single manicure. You can participate with as many nail styles as you wish in different videos.

2. You can use any sound or trend you desire, as long as the focus is still on the manicure itself.

3. Don't forget to tag us in your video description.

4. Add the hashtags #fallonyournails and #nailaddict in your video description.

5. Follow us on Tik Tok. 

And last but not least, have fun! Be creative, be bold, be artistic and let your passion shine through that video! 


Good luck, everyone! 

The #FallOnYourNails starts today and will end on September 20th. We will choose three of the most creative videos, and they will be announced on all our social media platforms. The most creative and fun videos will also be posted on our Instagram. 

You can find our Tik Tok here. 

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